Metaphysical retreat in summer, Initiation of the Violet Flame, 24, 25 and 26 July 2020 Assisi

Dear friends and friends,

in this Summer Retreat we will work with the Initiation of the Violet Flame and the qualities of sunlight. It was chosen to share these teachings after this intense trial period which involved all of us. In this retreat you will have the opportunity to work to become masters and teachers of emotions and thoughts, to harmonize our lives and be more powerful tools for the transformation of our family, humanity and the planet in these times.

The retreat will take place in the splendid setting of the Assisi countryside, famous for its energy of world peace. Here we will have the opportunity to live a profound experience, full of the Light of the Ascended Masters and to connect with nature and our soul.

God bless your Light and the Light of the World.

Raúl and Mara

In this retreat among the participants we will form different working groups of Luce Violetta to experiment the proposed practices and teachings in a practical, creative and incisive way.

Withdrawal program:

July 24, 2020

Arrival before 16.30
18.00 Reception, welcome greetings and invocation to the Grand Ascended Masters to accompany us in this retreat with their energy and guidance.
Outdoor Sacred Fire ceremony to transmute all discordant energies and tune in to the frequencies of light and love.
19.30 Dinner.
21.00 Formation of the working groups composed of the students. Group work guidelines.

July 25, 2020
8.30 Solar exercises and conscious breathing practice.
9.00 Breakfast.
10.00 Creation of the Force Field with the Violet Flame.
10.30 Activation of the Violet Flame and purification of the chakras.
12.00 Tools, Beings and Places of Power of the Violet Flame.
13.00 Lunch.

15.00 Practices for the transmutation of individual, family, relationship and planetary karma.
16.00 Break.
16.30 What is a Priest and a Priestess of the Sacred Fire and how to become one.
17.30 Break.
18.00 Time dedicated to the groups to create the work of Fiamma Violetta. (With the help of facilitators).
20.30 Dinner.
22.15 Connection meditation with the stars.

July 26, 2020
8.30 Solar exercises and conscious breathing practice.
9.00 Breakfast.
10.00 Presentation of the works of the groups of Fiamma Violetta.
13.00 Lunch.
14.45 Delivery of participation certificates.
17.00 End of the retreat.

Who will conduct the meeting
Raúl Micieli, with the participation of the first Italian Metaphysics facilitators.
Raúl is the European representative, pioneer and trainer of Conny Mendez – Saint Germain’s Metaphysics. International lecturer, writer, translator and editor of the Metaphysical Saint Germain books and of the teachings of the Ascended Masters through the Editrice Italica publishing house.

Mara Ferracini
Mara Ferracini is Conny Mendez – Saint Germain Metaphysics Facilitator in Italy and Europe Writer, Family Mediator and SIAF LO1715P-OP recognized Holistic Operator.

Enzo Graneri
Therapist, holistic operator and metaphysics facilitator.

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The staff of Agriturismo Arcobaleno


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